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 Open RvR rules

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Open RvR rules Empty
PostSubject: Open RvR rules   Open RvR rules I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 4:29 pm

Since we decided to more on rvr, here are rules that will be followed:

We starting rvr in case we have 10+ ppl online and when there are optimal conditions in rvr lakes for it.
Everyone is joining wb when it is running (except ppl going for planned pve runs which are announced on calendar).
We are playing on main chars. Exception can be made when warband leader decide so.
Each player has dowloaded required addons.
Everyone is on teamspeak 3. With that are no exuses.

What to bring with you:
At least one warrior's battle standard and one campaigner's war standard.
Liniments of his own choice, armour potions (and ofc using them). If you not sure which liniments are best for you, talk with master of your class.
Both HP potions. That mean stack of gradual and stack of instant hp restoration.
AP potions.
At least stack of guild recall scrolls.

Warband leader
When warband leader starts to speak, everyone else is silent.
He is the only one giving orders if he do not say another.
Till we our movement is perfect, warband leader is making counting before movement, so you can be prepared.

Warband leader will everytime pick one person to be main assist. It will be all time melee dps and he will be the one calling targets. Evryone will be assisting him (except aoe dps, take a look below). If you do not like the main assist button, make macro, warband leader will give time to set it up.
We are not nabs, so we not using autofocus addon or anything like that.
Aoe dps will everytime bomb on same spot where melee dps are.

We are using rr60 mount.

More information can be found on http://keaguild.home-forum.com/t121-guild-rvr-events#645
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Open RvR rules
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