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 Crest rules

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Crest rules Empty
PostSubject: Crest rules   Crest rules I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 23, 2010 1:36 pm

Crest rules:

Officer madailon: no restriction
Conqueror crest: no restriction, useless now
Warlord crests: no restriction
Royal crests: 60+
Captain medailon: 80+
Doomflayer crest: 80+
Warpforged crest: 80+

Everytime u collect your first set (!!!) stop needing on the crests that belonging to the set.

Loot rules in city sieges
As we agreed in the aliance we will follow those rules in alliance wbs and guild wbs.
1st stage: 65+ need on gold bags, bellow just purple
2nd stage: 80+
3rd stage: 90+

Loot rules will be changing as we get someone on rr90.
Also the city siege rules are discusable depending on how many ppl will have lockout and also on the amount of pugs in the instance.
Rolling on second set is allowed, but for third set not.

Ica's personal request - If we're running guild party/wb please pass on crests that are useless for you.
It will help lower ranks to gain their equipment faster. Thanks in advance.
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Crest rules
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