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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Guild rules I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 10:32 pm

By joining Kill 'em all you also agree with those rules so read them carefully

* We are mainly scenario and smale scale orvr guild, do not expect to be part of zerg.
* Be kind, nice and enjoy the game. Don't forget this is not real life.
* No cross realming, cheating, exploiting.
* No racist or any other kind xenophobic coments in guild chat or region.
* No arguing in guild chat, if you have problem with someone and think you can't solve it in private, talk with officer to help you.
* Listen and follow orders given by officers. When you think they doing something wrong, send pm to them.
* We are using ts3 and commands are given there, if you can't use it, contact officer about it.
* We looking for our members to be just in this guild with all chars. If you have any chars in other guilds, contact officer and inform about it.
* Upon joining you must fill your member note (wards, crafting skills, alts and rr rank). Also register on this this forum with exactly the same nick as your main character.

In scenario parties and orvr
* Just one person giving orders, other must follow.
* Orders are given on ts3 or on mumble of the other alliance guilds.
* No needing on items you can't use or not going to use.
* Autoloot is no excuse.
* When you going to do scenarios, first ask in guild chat for more ppl, then alliance. Do not want to have soloers.
* When warband/ scenario party is running, your primary point should be to join it. Do not want to take ppl from outside guild to fill it just becouse guildies are slacking.

In PVE groups
* Just one person giving orders, others must follow.
* Orders are given on ts3.
* Count with the fact you won't be able to finish it in one day. So safe one day more for it within the lockout.
* If you going afk, inform all in your grp about it. Tho dinner break etc should not be allowed.
* Set your event to calendar, also write if you need more.
* Ninja loot is not allowed, also do not loot when not all alive.
* Autoloot is not excuse.

Guild vault
* You can have all you see in there if you allready can use. Contact officer if you can't withdraw on your own.
* Things you not going to use and think someone may need it, place them in.
* Guild money is for claiming keeps, not to give to players.
* No trades inside guild.

* Standard bearers are open for self assigning from Veteran rank. Lower ranks must ask for standard bearer.
* In party no more than 2 standard bearers allowed.
* Veterans can claim keep, but just elites and higher can purchase upgrades. Due to cost of upgrades this rule is necesary. Contact elites or officers if you need them. Upgrades must be chosen wisely.
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Guild rules
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