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PostSubject: Recruiting   Recruiting I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 7:26 pm

We are looking for skilled and mature players who are planing to stay in game for a while, activity is also required (do not mean 24/7 in game). For inviting to guild, post your application here.

Our requirements:
Atm forcusing on rvr, so want teamplayers that know what mean assist and how to follow.
Have ts3 client installed. Have microphone or willing to get it soon.

Now recruiting:
Healers (all types)
Tanks (all types)
Bright wizzards, slayers

Officers to contact about inviting are Cowl, Icareane, Djurdja and Erickaa
Quick invite can get just ppl that are recomended by players allready in guild.
All others must do online application.

To get your invitation, you will be asked to read guild policies. After joining fill your member note (wards, crafting skills, alts, renown rank). Upon next two days you must register on forum.

What to put in application:
Class you play
Renown rank
How you get known about this guild and why you want to join.
Any additional information that you want to tell us
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